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Collaborated Music

Try out this interesting web site - you click on the score to add to the composition! The current piece is for violin and piano. Written in Java - be sure to wait for the Java Applet to load. An experiment in creating a new method of composing.

Composer Lior Navok

Learn more about this contemporary classical composer with his online biography, repertory list, upcoming performances and much more!

John McCabe
Composer and Pianist

On-line since 1997, this site is the authoritative internet reference to the music, recordings and writings of the contemporary English musician John McCabe.

Gerard Schurmann

The official website for composer and conductor Gerard Schurmann. Includes a full works list, biography, an article on the film music, performance reviews and news.

Vitezslava Kapralova [1915-1940]

A Czech composer and conductor, represents a progressive and distinctive voice of twentieth century Czech music. Despite having lived a short life Kapralova produced a remarkable output of important works and her music continues to be played in various parts of the world. Her many achievements include conducting the BBC Symphony Orchestra in her Military Sinfonietta at the opening of the ISCM Festival in London in 1938. The web site is mainly in English with some pages (bio and works) also in Czech and French (and other languages in the future).

The BBC Music Magazine (June 1999) has hailed Kapralova as "a genuinely fascinating voice in inter-war Czech music".

Virtual Sheet Music
Classical Sheet Music Downloads

Born with the intent to provide musicians, as well as all music lovers, with the ability to quicky locate any needed sheet music. At a price which is affordable to all, the desired music can be downloaded from their web site directly to the user's PC and subsequently displayed and/or printed.

Michel Lysight

Born in Uccle, Belgium in October 1958. After studies of musicology between 1976 and 1978 (ULB), he has obtained at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels the following first prizes : history of music, musical pedagogy (solfege), harmony, counterpoint, fugue, bassoon and the advanced diplomas of solfege (contemporary music) and chamber music. He worked musical conducting with René Defossez and Robert Janssens.

Boudewijn Buckinx

Dedicated to music from an early age. Since 1963, he has introduced much new music to Flanders with his group WHAM [dutch acronym for Working Group for Contemporary and Topical Music], including music by Christian Wolff, Cornelius Cardew and John Cage.

The State Of Classical Music
A Prognosis For Its Future In The 21st Century

A lively discussion on classical music's place in society and what the future holds. Meant to provoke a dialogue for the future role of the arts in the contemporary world. A must read for all concerned about classical music and the arts sponsored by Babel Magazine Online!

The New Consonant Music
Postmodern Composers
and Performers

The official site of new consonant music and postmodernism. Biographies of composers and performers, MIDI files and how to be published.

The New Composers write music as a way to induce emotion - love, fear, dream of beauty, mystical experience or simply ordinary feelings. And with the old concept of beauty and pleasure!

Mallette String Quartet

Home of beautiful music from Southern California!

Havergal Brian
The Official Website

Comprehensively addresses all aspects of the man's music and his writings on music.  It already runs to 250 pages and is packed with detailed information about all the music written by this, the last great undiscovered composer.

Pro Arte Singers

This Connecticut based Classical choral group performs the entire choral repertoire in the Connecticut and Metropolitan New York area with the finest singers, an annual concert series, commissions, and recordings. They bring the beauty of choral literature and the instrument of its transmission, the human voice.

Grzegorz Nowak Home Page

A site of the polish conductor Grzegorz Nowak, chef conductor at the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (CAN) and the Polish National Symphony Orchestra.

Karlheinz Stockhausen
Home Page

Read about the giant of 20th century music -- Karlheinz Stockhausen. With an extensive collection of interviews, texts, photo gallery, concert schedule and even a few cartoons, this is a don't-miss-site of one of the world's leading composers! The wonderful site is written in both English and German.

The Center for the Promotion of Contemporary Composers

The Internet's largest informational resource for composers and performers of contemporary art music. A large catalogue of new music by our member composers.  If any performers are looking for innovative new works to perform alone or with other instruments, they will be sure to find what they are looking for at CPCC.

Additionally, they devote a section of their site to recent and upcoming concerts of new music.  Anyone that wishes to promote an upcoming concert that includes contemporary music can fill out their submission form and get a little free advertising.

Daniel P. Andres
Composer / Conductor

A composer/conductor and an organist at Biel/Bienne, a little town (near Bern) in Switzerland. Text is in German.






Description of Modern classical music

Modern classical music refers to music written in the 20th century and beyond. Although much of it draws heavily on earlier forms, modern composers also experimented with rejection of long-held ideas; notably, Arnold Schoenberg questioned the traditional notions of harmony with his twelve-tone system, and John Cage questioned the very definition of music with his use of chance and found sounds.

Modern classical composers include:

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